Battery Operated LampsMy kids are still in school, my husband and I love to read, and a friend of ours recommended trying battery operated reading lamps because these are cost efficient products. At first I wasn’t sold on the idea since light is important to reading and I didn’t want the little kids to develop poor eyesight because they just didn’t have ample light when they study.  If you may allow me, let me recount to our experience so far.


Battery Operated Reading Lamps Are Works Like Traditional Reading Lights

Battery operated reading lights function like the traditional reading lamps. They are different because they are more innovative. For one, they are battery powered, they either rechargeable or have separate batteries that are replaceable. They have LED lights; hence the quality of light is not compromised.


Innovations Made To Battery Operated Reading Lamps

Also, while I was shopping for some for these cordless lamps, I was pretty impressed with the improvements on the once simple study table lamps. Some have been manufactured to protect the eyes even when one has to read or work for long hours.

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While browsing for the different styles and designs and I were amazed at how far reading lamp designs have evolved. Imagine a study table lamp complete with LCD screen for a calendar, clock, and alarm. I also came across at a design that has touch or body motion sensor.


Advantages Of Being Battery Operated

Battery operated lights are very practical. They are cost efficient and costs less than traditional light fixtures. They are portable so we didn’t have an issue on where to put it because we can transfer it to anywhere we want. No need to look for electrical outlets nearby when my kids wanted to transfer to the library instead of their rooms.

These lamps are energy efficient. We are able to save on electrical consumption since the lamps do not need recharging too often. Plus these lamps are only used when kids have to work on their assignments or when I do my readings before I hit the sack.

They are safe for kids. Since we had to give each kids their own reading lamps we had to be assured that these products are safe for our kids. Untoward accidents are avoided like accidentally unplugging the unit if the kids are playing. There are no loose cables to worry about or someone tripping on the cables.

They are practical. My kids can still study even during power outages because the lamps were battery operated.


With Different Designs To Choose From

I got my kids some children-themed lamps and they are so far enjoying them and studying with their favorite cartoon and/or Disney characters. There are styles and designs that can complement the existing furniture sets that we have at home so we didn’t have to spend too much just to make some improvements in the house.



Battery Operated LampsTo conclude, reading lamps and study lamps have evolved in recent years, probably to keep pace with the changing times and battery operated reading lamps are just one of these innovations.

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