Battery Operated LampsAlong with the classically styled floor, table and wall lamps, battery operated lava lamps are also available in the market today. This stylish lamp will add a funky feel to your room bringing back the hippie era of the seventies. Look for this kind of lighting to provide a cool atmosphere in your living space. This article will give you tips which you can use in selecting a nice lava lamp for your home.


Matching Lava Lamps With Other Home Decor

Lava lamps are good accent pieces for a seventies inspired home. In addition, a disco themed room will achieve the perfect disco vibe with a lava lamp inside the room. Nevertheless, lava lamps are just beautiful decorations for any modern home. With the innovations done with the lava lamp, it has taken a contemporary feel that is unique and beautiful. Get this kind of lamp and have it sitting in your living room for an interesting conversation piece. I got a cool lava lamp at a garage sale and it had become the center of attention of friends visiting the house. Take care not to overdo it though. One lovely piece is enough to make the space lively. Match it with other funky items like an easy chair to get the funky style you wanted to achieve. I personally love lava lamps as a lighting piece for the bedroom. It helps me relax and fall asleep just by staring at it. A lava lamp inside the bedroom will turn you into a mellow dude like a hippie.


Using Battery Operated Lava Lamps

In selecting your lava lamp, keep in mind its functionality. The battery operated ones are easy to carry around in any area of the house without worrying where you are going to plug it. There are lava lamps that comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. This may cost more than the others but it is more convenient since it eliminates the trouble of buying new batteries from time to time. There are also remote controlled lamps so that switching and adjusting it will be easier. Replaceable bulbs of battery operated lamps are also available. This is a good choice so that you can find and replace the bulbs with better ones or those that can save  energy.

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Finding Affordable Battery Operated Lava Lamps

Budget is an important consideration in buying a battery operated lamp. In many cases, lava lamps often cost more than the usual table lamp so you need to have a higher budget for it if you wish to purchase one. Visit furniture sales, the flea market or garage sales for cheaper lava lamps. This places has helped me acquire beautiful lava lamps for my home and I am certain that it will do you good if you are bargain hunting for a lamp. Nevertheless, be reminded that you need to inspect the item first for any damages. Quality is very important and defective items are often available on sale in these kind of markets.


Buying Lava Lamps

Aside from the areas where you can find lamps on bargain, lava lamps are available at furniture stores and many department stores. You will surely find one in a shop near you. You can also browse online for a wide selection of battery operated lava lamps.