Battery Operated LampsWhile I was thinking of ways on how I can save on my energy consumption in my new apartment, a friend suggested that I use battery operated floor lamps. Seemed like a good idea so I decided to give it a try. I didn’t know that there was such a thing already, well, probably because I didn’t think of anything for the home before since I was living with my mom then. Now that I have my own place I am starting to get the hang of buying accessories and decorating my home on my own.


Battery Operated Floor Lamps Are Stylish Too

Deciding how my new place would look like was really easy, for one, it was not a huge place so I didn’t need too many items. I also wanted the place to have a minimalist look with a few accents for my personality to be evident. The quest to find a floor lamp wasn’t really hard because I was able to find some really stylish designs online, with the help of my friend, of course.

There were too many choices and I only had to consider that the items that I will purchase would match the sofa. But my designer friend had other plans. She insisted that I buy something unique for a floor lamp and that will be some sort of an accent to a corner where I can spend time to read before going to bed.

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Why Choose Battery Operated Floor Lamps

Battery operated lamps are more cost-effective since obviously these do require electricity to function. It is also a practical choice for my place since I don’t have too many wall outlets, it’s a small place after all and I didn’t want too many extension outlets hanging. The one that I bought operated on four D batteries but also came with an AC adapter.

These are energy efficient as well since they are equipped with LED lamps which gives off brighter light compared to the traditional fluorescent lamps in most households. This is perfect for me since I do read a lot after a hard day’s work, it’s always nice to retreat to my home and read a few chapters of my current favorite book before heading off to bed.


Some Considerations

For me it was a more practical choice because I only use the lamp at night before I fall off to sleep, however, for those who are contemplating, there are a few considerations to think of before you buy one. For example, you need to decide if you are going to buy one that comes with charges or separate batteries. If you plan to use the lamp more frequently, you need to choose the rechargeable one, though it costs a little expensive.


Other Advantages

Another practical application of these battery operated lamps is that you can relocate them easily even in areas where you don’t have electrical outlets. You can even use it on your front porch to create more drama when you have friends coming over.

If you are thinking of practicality and energy efficiency then you go with the battery operated floor lamps.