Battery Operated LampsDid you know that you can use battery operated candle lamps in just about any room in the house? If you are familiar with aromatic and scented candles and you usually light a few in the bathroom or in your bedroom, you might also want to try these battery operated candles.


Create Your Home As A Sanctuary With Battery Operated Candle Lamps

Create a relaxing atmosphere for the whole family by strategically placing decorative candles by the door or foyer. I did that in my house and so far it has been amazing. Instead of the traditional candles, battery operated ones are safer and more energy efficient. There are even the electrical types, yet they are flameless but you’d still want to conserve energy so the battery operated candles are better, I used the battery operated ones.


Areas You Can Put Battery Operated Candle Lamps

The bathroom is usually the area where you’ll notice the presence of scented candles – most women prefer taking luxurious baths with aromatic scented candles. It calms them down and relaxes their tired minds and bodies. Me, I bought some nice candle holders and placed them by the sink and the candle light created nice effects on the mirror.

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Create a more romantic mood for you and your spouse and cuddle under the flickering light of several battery operated candles. You can find some nice candle holders in department and novelty stores, they will style and character to your bedroom.

You can also provide a softer night light for your kids’ rooms with these flameless candles. They are safer and will be more relaxing for the kids, especially after a hard day’s work at school or just for playing the whole day. My two boys liked the robots theme and we even found fancy cars decors and holders.

These candles will make great centerpieces on your dining table. Who says you can only take out your nice long candle holders during special occasions? We use them daily for our family dinners and everyone makes it a point to be home by dinner time to enjoy a relaxing family bonding during meal time.

Why not put a few flameless candles in the living room? Maybe you can put them on top of the center or side tables or by the fireplace. These would make nice accent pieces. Just go with your guts on how you want it to look like, I did!


What Are The Advantages?

For one, they are safe to use inside, no risk of burning down the house when left unattended. I didn’t have to worry about the kids getting burned when they become curious. But I still remind them that the surfaces might be hot. Since they are not the traditional candles, the shape stays and there won’t be any messy wax to clean. I also love scent because it doesn’t fade away like traditional scented candles do.


Do I Recommend Them?

Yes, you bet I do! They are one of the most convenient accessories that I have in house. They are safe. Lastly, battery operated candle lamps are stylish and will complement your existing fixtures.