Battery Operated LampsWhen a friend of mine gave me a pair of battery operated buffet lamps for my birthday two months ago, I didn’t have the faintest idea if I should use them or not. Though she carefully selected a design that would blend well with the current furnishings in the house, I still had a few inhibitions whether to use them or store it away for safekeeping for the time being.


What Made Me Decide To Use The Battery Operated Buffet Lamps

After much contemplating, the whole family thought we could use a little change in the living room area and just use the cordless buffer lamps and place them on each of side tables. Besides, we can relocate it anywhere since it’s cordless and only requires recharging when needed.

The lamps provided a really nice warm effect to the living room area making it cozy and conducive to just chilling out in front of the television and while away the time after dinner. It added character t the room and I thought that these cordless lamps are a great idea and the dining room could use a little prepping up, too.

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Looking For Battery Operated Buffet Lamps

These lamps are also often referred to as table lamps. While it is easy to shop for different styles from the department store and appliance stores, we were able to see some good finds in a number of online shops. There are some great designs that we found online which are reasonably priced. I had the luxury of time while I was browsing online shops that offer battery operated lamps, I didn’t need to rush since there wasn’t any salesperson hovering over me to choose already.

I had to choose between the rechargeable type or one with that is powered by replaceable batteries and I liked the idea of the former so I purchased a couple of smaller buffet lamps to be placed in the dining area. The soft light had an amazing reflection against the glass table especially when it was dimmed. It was like we were always having dinner in a fancy restaurant and when friends come over they are treated to a different kind of experience.


Different Styles And Designs To Choose From

I found quiet a lot of styles and designs to check out. There are those that you can place on top of the table and there were floor lamps that had nice designs too. There were also lamps that you can place on your garden table for that romantic evening dinner by the pool with your spouse.

There were styles that came in pairs, ideal for the homeowner who always wants to have balance in the accessories, like me merchant even offer mini-lights they have in stock which are perfect, he said, for the Christmas season because they can be used as accent pieces on the dining table.


Additional Benefits

These cordless lamps do not cost too much. They are cost efficient as they are energy efficient. They can be transferred from one place to another without worrying if the new position would have access to an electric outlet. So when you are thinking of purchasing one or a pair, take my word for it and check out battery operated buffet lamps.